Manchester Speculative Fiction

Manchester Speculative Fiction is a writing group in Manchester, UK.

It’s for people interested in writing all types of speculative fiction. For example: science fiction, fantasy, horror and supernatural, alternative history and post-apocalyptic or dystopian futures. We also critique slipstream, weird fiction and borderline speculative/literary fiction.

We started the group in 2010. Since then, we have had many successes. Several members of the writing group have had novels commercially published, and others are on the way, having gained deals or agents. Others have won writing competitions and had short stories featured in magazines and anthologies.

Our Anthologies

We have produced two anthologies of speculative short stories.

Both anthologies contain stories from published authors and emerging writers, representing Manchester Speculative Fiction and other writers from around the world.


We meet twice a month to critique each other’s work, and sometimes we do writing exercises too. Usually, we meet in central Manchester. However, meetings are currently online via Discord because of COVID. Check Meetings for more details.

We use the Milford System for critiquing people’s work and offer supportive and constructive critiques. For more about the way we run the group, see: About the Group.

How to Join

We welcome anybody who writes speculative fiction to the group, whoever they are and whatever their background.

We have members from across the northwest of England, but of course the majority live in Manchester. There’s also an online group for members who have moved away but want to stay involved and keep having their writing critiqued.

Membership is free. If you’d like to join us, then please get in touch using the form below:

Manchester Speculative Fiction Writing Group

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