Literary Organisations in Manchester

Here’s a list of the literary organisations in Manchester helping to promote writing, performance and publication of prose and poetry.

There are many literary organisations in Manchester helping to promote writing in the city. These organisations complement the writing groups in Manchester, such as ourselves, Manchester Speculative Fiction.

Writing groups and literary organisation have different roles. Writing groups help individual writers with their writing, whilst literary organisations promote interest in writing and literature in general.

List of Literary Organisations in Manchester

So, here’s a list of literary organisations in Manchester that we’re aware of.

Manchester Literature Festival

Manchester Literature Festival brings together writers from around the world to promote literature and inspire reading and writing. It also commissions new writing. The Arts Council and Here for Culture support the festival.

For more information, see Manchester Literature Festival

Manchester City of Literature

Manchester City of Literature is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. It works with the other cities in the network to promote local literary initiatives and links between the cities. Manchester City of Literature also works in partnership with other Manchester-based organisations to organise events.

See their website here: Manchester City of Literature


Commonword is a writing development organisation based in Manchester. It provides facilities and activities to help and encourage writers, primarily from under-represented groups. It also runs a publishing imprint called Crocus. The Arts Council and the National Lottery support Commonword.

For more information, see Commonword.

Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society

The Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society’s goal is to create a community of lifelong learners interested in increasing their knowledge. They do that through events focussing on the Arts, Science and Technology and Social Philosophy. Their literary events are mostly lectures and seminars about English Literature.

For more, see Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society

Any More?

If there are any other literary organisations in Manchester that you’d like us to add to the list, or you’d like to join our Manchester writing group, please contact us.

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By Graeme Shimmin

Graeme Shimmin has been a member of the Manchester Speculative Fiction Writing Group since 2012 and edited its first two anthologies. His novels have won, or been listed for, multiple prizes including the Terry Pratchett Prize, YouWriteOn Book of the Year and Arthur C. Clarke Award.