Fiction Publishers in Manchester

A list of all the Fiction Publishers in Manchester, UK that the Manchester Speculative Fiction Group knows about.

Manchester Speculative Fiction is a writing group in Manchester specialising in speculative fiction genres (e.g. science-fiction, fantasy, horror, etc.) Like all writers, we’re interested in getting our stories published, so we investigated to see what our options are as for fiction publishers in Manchester.

This is what we discovered.

List of Publishers in Manchester

Below is a list of all the fiction publishers in Manchester that we’re aware of.

Harper North

Harper North is an outpost of the London-based publisher, Harper Collins. They’re based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter,

Harper North’s website specifically says they’re not looking for fantasy, so they may not be interested in any kind of speculative fiction. They are though looking for commercial fiction.

You can see more about them at Harper North

Carcanet Press

Carcanet publishes modern and classic poetry and inventive fiction.

They’re only accepting poetry at the moment. And they’re supported by the Arts Council, so they’re unlikely to be interested in commercial fiction.

Their website is Carcanet Press.

Comma Press

Comma Press publishes short stories only.

Their submission guidelines say they’re a “publisher of contemporary fiction, and fiction that speaks to readers now”, so they’re unlikely to be interested in speculative fiction. And they’re supported by the Arts Council, so they’re unlikely to be interested in commercial fiction either.

See Comma Press for more.


Cōnfingō is an independent publishing house based in Manchester. Twice a year they publish a print-only magazine featuring fiction, poetry and art from around the world.

Currently, they’re only accepting short stories for their anthology.

See their website here: Cōnfingō

Blue Moose

Blue Moose is in Hebden Bridge. Is that close enough to count as Manchester? Regardless, their website says nothing about submissions, so we suspect they only accept agent submissions.

See more here: Blue Moose Books


Based in Salford, Saraband publishes literary, historical and contemporary fiction, nature writing, environmental non-fiction and memoirs. There’s no mention of speculative fiction on their website, but some novels they’ve published look like ghost stories.

Anyway, they’re closed to fiction submissions at the moment.

Saraband Press


So, sadly, and as far as we can tell, there aren’t any publishers of speculative fiction in Manchester.

Any More Publishers in Manchester?

If you know of any other publishers in Manchester that you’d like to be added to this list, or if you’re interested in joining our group, then please contact us.

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By Graeme Shimmin

Graeme Shimmin has been a member of the Manchester Speculative Fiction Writing Group since 2012 and edited its first two anthologies. His novels have won, or been listed for, multiple prizes including the Terry Pratchett Prize, YouWriteOn Book of the Year and Arthur C. Clarke Award.