Legal Stuff

Below are some legal things we need to make clear.

Who we are

See Manchester Speculative Fiction. You can also contact us.

Personal Information

We are a small local group and don’t collect personal information except to run the group. We don’t share your data with anyone, and we don’t send your data anywhere.


As we don’t allow comments on the site, there is no data collected and no privacy implications.


If you email us, then we will obviously have your email address and any personal information you choose to share with us, such as your name. We will not use that information for anything except contacting you in order to run the group. You can request your removal from group emails whenever you like.


This site uses cookies for necessary functionality only. We don’t access the cookies or keep any personal information derived from the cookies.

Embedded content

Articles on this site may include embedded content (e.g. videos). Viewing embedded content here is exactly the same as visiting the source website. These websites may collect data about you. This is not under our control.

Affiliate Links

The links to recommended books on our website are affiliate links. This means that, at no cost to you, we earn a small amount of money if you click them and buy the book. This does not mean we don’t genuinely recommend the books. There are no adverts or other sorts of paid-for content on the website, and everything we write is our genuine opinion.


All the text on our site is either our own work (and so we own the copyright), copyright free, or fair use/fair dealing (i.e. used for criticism, review, quotation or scholarship).

All the pictures used on the website are our own work or from The Noun Project.

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