Writing Groups in Manchester

If you live in Manchester, UK and you’re interested in joining a writer’s group then check out this list of all the writing groups in Manchester.

List of Writing Groups in Manchester

Manchester is a literary city and so there are a multitude of Manchester writers’ groups. Below is a list of all the writing groups in Manchester that we’re aware of.

The groups we list here are mostly for creative writing rather than non-fiction. They cover all genres and types of creative writing: short stories, novels, novellas, screenplays, theatre and poetry. Most of them are free or have a nominal charge.

There are two main types of writing group: writing workshop groups, and writing critique groups (see What is a Writing Group?). Both types of group are available in Manchester, and there’s also a networking group for authors.

Writing groups are great for writers to come together and support each other by providing critiques, advice, and friendly faces. They’re invaluable for improving your writing. So, use this list to find a writing group that suits you, meet some other writers in Manchester and make a difference to your writing!

Manchester Speculative Fiction

This is the website for Manchester Speculative Fiction. We are the only writing group in Manchester specialising in speculative fiction (e.g. science-fiction, fantasy, horror, etc.)

The group has been meeting for over ten years. Several members of the writing group have had novels commercially published, and others are on the way, having gained deals or agents. Others have won writing competitions and had short stories featured in magazines and anthologies. We’ve also produced two well-received anthologies of speculative fiction set in Manchester: Revolutions and Revolutions 2.

We meet twice a month, once in person and once online, and use the Milford System for our meetings.

We welcome anybody over eighteen who writes speculative fiction to the group, whoever they are and whatever their background. Membership is free.

See Manchester Speculative Fiction for more details of our group.


Commonword runs a variety of writing development activities, including writing critique groups.

The writing critique groups are for people of African, Caribbean, Southeast, South, East Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds only.

For more information, see Commonword.

Manchester Women Writers

Manchester Women Writers hold a weekly writing group at Manchester City Library. Their process is for writers to read out their work and listen to feedback. The group accepts prose, poetry and drama for critique. Once a month they do writing exercises and/or hold a discussion. The group is for women only.

They don’t have a website, but you can contact them via the Manchester Women Writers Facebook Group.

Manchester Writer’s Circle

Manchester Writer’s Circle is a writing workshop and critique group for screenwriters, poets, authors, playwrights and songwriters.

Their process is for people to read their work to the group and then they discuss the work and offer constructive feedback.

You can sign up at Manchester Writers Circle

Monday Night Group

A long-established group (over fifty years old) that meets in central Manchester every Monday. They accept work in all genres and forms, including novels, short stories, poetry and drama.

Their process is for attendees to read their work and receive verbal feedback. The group welcomes all serious writers prepared to give and receive feedback.

Their website is at Monday Night Group.

Muslim Writers North

Muslim Writers North is a writing group that meets monthly at Chorlton Library in South Manchester. They accept any kind of writing: poetry, prose, screenplays and even blogs. The group is for Muslim writers only.

You can contact them via their website at Muslim Writers North.

Scriptwriting North

Scriptwriting North primarily offers courses in scriptwriting, but it also runs script development groups. It launched in 2008 and has helped hundreds of aspiring script writers. Some writers who’ve attended Scriptwriting North’s groups have had their scripts professionally produced and/or won prizes.

They charge approximately £10 per meeting for their development group.

See more at Scriptwriting North.

Society of Authors: Manchester Group

A slightly different one this as it’s not a critique group, but more of a networking group for authors. Meetings typically feature a discussion topic or a guest speaker. Meetings are on the fourth Monday of the month. The group is for members of the Society of Authors only.

For more details, see: Society of Authors: Manchester Group

South Manchester U3A Creative Writing Group

South Manchester U3A Creative Writing Group is a writing workshop for all writing, including novels, short stories, poetry, memoirs, and biographies. The attendees do writing exercises and hold discussions.

The group is for retired people only.

See South Manchester U3A Creative Writing Group for more.

South Manchester Writers Workshop

South Manchester Writers Workshop is a critique group that meets weekly in Didsbury and focuses on getting published. Their process is for attendees to read out what they’ve been working on, so the rest of the group can give their critiques.

The group has no membership criteria, but there is sometimes a waiting list to join.

Their website is at South Manchester Writing Group.

Young Identity

A literature and performance arts charity, Young Identity put on workshops and open mic nights for writers aged 13-25.

Their workshops run Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. See more details at Young Identity’s workshops page.

Writing Groups in Manchester: Related Organisations

As well as all the writing groups, there are several literary organisations in Manchester helping to promote writing in the city, including the Manchester Literature Festival and Manchester City of Literature.

See Literary Organisations in Manchester for more details.

Any More Writing Groups in Manchester?

Above are all the writing groups in Manchester that we’re aware of. There are also smaller local groups in the towns surrounding Manchester. If you’re outside Manchester, it’s worth trying your local library, as they usually know which groups meet in the area.

If you know of any other writing groups in Manchester that you’d like to be added to this list, or you’d like to come along to our Manchester writing group, then please contact us.

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By Graeme Shimmin

Graeme Shimmin has been a member of the Manchester Speculative Fiction Writing Group since 2012 and edited its first two anthologies. His novels have won, or been listed for, multiple prizes including the Terry Pratchett Prize, YouWriteOn Book of the Year and Arthur C. Clarke Award.